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Kilroy 2 Game

Today, our recommended game is -----------Kilroy 2, a 3D shooting game!

Based on 3D technology foundation, Kilroy aims at bring you presentenced challenging feeling. The scene is deserted factory, which is very complicated. There are lots of dangerous animals across the factory. They are dangerous not only because they are fierce, but also because they are hidden. It means you can never foresee where they are. You need to be alert all the time.

As your lifespan is very limited, you need to take special care as not to be hurt easily. Otherwise, it will be impossible for you to pass through the level. One thing that you shall bear in mind---------always keep quiet mood. When faced with enemies, pull the trigger without a second thought. Of course, it requires you have good shooting skills. If you do not shoot your objective down, it also does not matter. Quickly aim at it again and attack it strongly. Time interval between the two shoot shall be as short as possible, or else you will put yourself in jeopardy.

You are equipped with machine gun and rocket launcher as well. For those small animals, which are not so aggressive, machine gun is already enough. However, there are some animals that are very horrible; one attack of them will make you die. Then, rocket launcher is essential since it has huge power and can shoot them down in a second. But you need to bear in mind that you use rocket launcher for long distance attack. Otherwise, you may get yourself injured as well.

As for the operation, list as below:
W/A/S/D or Arrow Key--------Steering
Left Mouse-----------------------Machine Gun
Right Mouse---------------------Rocket Launcher
Click the mouse to shoot!

OK, after my illustration. How do you like it? Have a try and get the incredible joy at the very second!

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